How do I customize my avatar?

If you click on the cell phone to open it and then click on the Outfit button, you can customize your avatar in the Outfit Creator. In Cloud Party, an Outfit refers to both clothing and avatar. If you have created an account, you can save your outfits and change your look by selecting them from the pulldown menu.

The menu opens and automatically centers your avatar on the screen. From this mode you can customize all parts of your avatar (clothing, body, hair, etc). You can toggle between full body and head view by clicking the buttons on the screen.

The two important buttons for customizing the avatar itself are SHAPE and CUSTOMIZE. SHAPE is a series of sliders, and CUSTOMIZE allows you to change skin tone, eye color and other outfits items that are variable.

Other buttons in the menu allow you to choose from items your avatar can wear. Both the default items and the items you have gotten from the marketplace are available to you under the different categories.

If you decide not to keep your changes, you can click revert and go back to before you started making changes. You can also click ‘save as’ to save the customizations as a new outfit. You can click ‘save’ to save over your old outfit, but you can’t undo this once you’ve done it, so be careful!

One neat trick to easily identify your outfits is to click on the picture in the top of the menu. That puts you into camera mode, so you can take a snapshot of your outfit.  This also saves a picture to your Cloud Party photo album that you can share online or use as your avatar image.

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