How do I get started building?

Basic Building Tools are located in the top left hand corner of your screen. When they are available to you, the hammer is green. When you cannot build in an area, they are red. The below screenshot shows the tools as available. If you click on the down arrow, a secondary menu opens:


The most important tools are in the top row, Delete, Select, Create and Set Prefab. The first three tools refer to the creation and building of voxel block builds. Once you delve into the voxel tools while in world, you will find helpful videos to walk you through the box build process. Let’s take a quick look at the last tool. Setting a prefab, or mesh, is the easiest way to set up content that you have purchased on the marketplace (You can access the Marketplace through the cell phone tool). When you click on the prefab button, a new menu opens:

You can either select a prefab you have used before, or if you click the folder, go into your library and choose items you have uploaded or purchased on the marketplace.

Once you have selected the item, it will appear inworld at the end of your cursor. Once you click on the ground it will then be placed in the space. Before you place it you can rotate the object by right clicking with the mouse. After you have placed it you can move, duplicate and delete the item using the tool panel; you have to select the item first by clicking the select button (the arrow) and then using the tools If you right click a placed item and choose “edit the item”, you can customize it more using the advanced building tools. (Note: Advanced building tools are only available to verified accounts) There is much more to learn about building, but these basics will get you started. The wiki has much more information, and the forums are full of helpful people if you want to ask questions.

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