Quick FAQs

How do I get started?
  • Go to the Cloud Party home page
  • Sign In is in the top right hand corner; if you don't have an account you can create one here
  • Once you've logged in, your account and settings are in the drop down below your avatar picture (or the default avatar picture if you don't have one yet)
  • Suggested Builds you might like to visit are along the left hand side of the page
  • Your activity feed, events and your friends are on the right hand side of the page
  • You can create a new build (space to build in, or hang out in) by clicking the new build button at the top of the page. All users with accounts can create unlimited small builds of this type
  • Your Build page lists all of your builds 
  • Your Profile page allows you to customize your account information
How many new builds can I have?
  • You can have unlimited small builds up to a bandwidth limit of 10MG
  • If you want more/bigger builds, you can get a subscription
What do I get with a subscription?
  • Subscription options are available from the website
Why aren't small builds able to be private?
  • One of our primary goals is to make Cloud Party fast to load and very accessible to everyone. The small build spaces give us the ability to draw lots of new folks in to meet, explore, and learn. We want the small builds to be quick to load and easy to access, to encourage people to build, interact and create. 
  • You can make small builds private if you have a subscription
Is there a white label/enterprise/education option?
  • Not yet, we are working on it
What if I like what I built on a small build, and I want to do more/make a bigger space?
  • You can upgrade your build to a larger one at anytime from the My Builds page
What is happening to the old community zones?
  • They are staying as they are, for now. If you want your home put into one of the new, small builds, you can request that by emailing support@cloudpartyinc.com
What about voice?
  • We are still working on voice.

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