How does the new build publishing system work?

Builds (formerly islands) are individual spaces created when you start a new template. You then customize, or create from scratch, your new draft build. This could be as complex as a whole interactive experience, or as simple as a new outfit, vehicle or house that you have created. 

Once you've chosen your draft build, a new page opens up that allows you to customize the accessibility, searchability and editing options for your new project, along with the build space itself.

When you are ready to show off your new creation, you are ready to publish. Click the "publish" button to lock in your build. This locks down the content so it can't be edited, and by default it becomes public and is listed in searchable builds on the website.

This creates two versions of your build - one that is by default unchanging, and one unpublished draft version that you can edit. Once you've made changes to your draft, click the publish button again to save over the one you've published; the URL remains the same, but your new changes will show up in the live build.

If you don't want your build to show up in search, you can untick the box that lists it in search. It will still be public but not searchable.

Draft builds by default are private, and they are not listed in search. You can make them public, but not searchable, by changing the access setting to public. You build is now accessible by direct URL address.

If you wish your build to remain private, it can. You can still publish it, but it won't be searchable.

*In the near future, you will be able to add draft builds to a "building party" category if you want them to be searchable. This special category is primarily for building parties or collaborative building projects.

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