How do I get help?

Help of all kinds is available!

Bug reporting: from the cell phone in world, click help and then the bug report option. Be specific about what you were doing when the bug happened so we can reproduce it.

Harassment and Behavior reporting: In page view, you can click the report button and file a report from there.  In maximized view or full screen, you can click on the person or content you want to report and the report dialogue will pop up.

Billing Help: If you are having a billing problem, please file a ticket in support or email We will address your issue as soon as possible

Tech Support: Here's a few choices if you are having technical trouble:

  • Try our system compatibility test
  • Switch to Chrome as your browser if you aren't already using it
  • Turn your graphics settings down in the setting menu
  • Ask a question on the forums; our users are really smart!
  • Search the wiki, especially for scripting and building help 
  • Search the Knowledge Base for official information 

If you have a basic or pro subscription, you may have access to other support options. 

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