How does advanced building work?

Here are some of the basics of advanced building

To enter advanced build mode select build in your cell phone. If you are in an area where you have permission to build, you will be able to create new objects.

Once in Build mode you can:
  • Move, replicate or modify existing objects using the Manipulator
  • Place new objects in the world using your Palettes
  • Edit the Properties of objects that are already placed
Selecting Objects:
  • In Build mode, <Left-Click> on an object to select it.
  • You can <Left-Click and Drag> to window-select, which will select all objects in the area you drag over.
  • To select additional objects hold <Control> or <Shift> while selecting or window-selecting.
  • You can de-select an object (or group of objects) by hitting <Escape>, <Left-Clicking> on the object (or any object in the group), or by <Left-Clicking> on the sky, the ground, or a new object.*
  • *(You may not be allowed to select all objects in Cloud Party, see Permissions).
  • You can de-select a single object in a group of objects by holding <Control> or <Shift> and <Left-Clicking> on it.
Using the Manipulator:

The Manipulator allows to you to perform basic operations on an item in Cloud Party. You can set the manipulator mode by clicking on the appropriate button in the toolbar at the top of the screen, or with the hotkeys:
  • Press <1> for Move
  • Press <2> for Rotate
  • Press <3> for Scale
  • Press <4> to toggle Relative Mode, which makes the Manipulator operations relative to the object's rotation.
Movement, Rotation and Scale are snapped to increments by default. You can toggle snapping and increase or decrease the snap size with the buttons in the top toolbar, or with the hotkeys:
  • Press <P> to Toggle Snapping
  • Press <[> to Decrease Snap Size
  • Press <]> to Increase Snap Size
  • Press <\> to Resnap selected objects to your current snap setting.
Replicating: Hotkey <R>
You can quickly make copies of an object in the world by Replicating it. Select the object or group of objects you want to replicate, and press <R> or click the Replicate button in the top toolbar. Then move, rotate or scale the new object differently than its original.

Focusing: Hotkey <F>
Focus your view on the selected object by pressing <F> or clicking the Focus button in the top toolbar.

Hotkey <Delete></font></p>
You may delete a selected item or group of items by pressing the <Delete> key.

Editing Object Properties
In Build Mode when you have an object selected you can press <O> or click the Object button in the top toolbar to open and close the Object page. This page lets you adjust the object's properties such as display name, materials, scripting, and so on.

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