How do I use the Library in advanced build mode?

Using the Library
In Build Mode, press <L> or click the Library button in the top toolbar to open the Library page.


Initially the Library page will show you a set of Palettes. Palettes are sets of related assets (objects, sounds, textures, etc) that are grouped together for convenient access. Clicking on a Palette will show you all the assets in that Palette.
Clicking on an object in a Palette will highlight the object and your build mode will switch to Placement. Moving your mouse around in the world will show where the object will be placed. Just <Left-Click> to place a copy of the object. To leave placement mode hit <Escape> or deselect the object in the Palette.
Double-Clicking on a non-object (such as a material) in a Palette will bring up the editor for that asset.
You can <Right-Click> entries in a Palette for additional options.
You can create a new Palette by clicking the Create button in the Library page and selecting 'Palette'.


You can browse through all your assets by pressing <N> or clicking the Browse button in the Library Page. The Browse interface will display your assets, along with a search bar and filter list to help you find specific assets.
From the Browse interface you can add assets to Palettes using <Left-Click and Drag>. to drag the asset from the Browse interface to the Palette in the Library page. You can also <Right-Click> assets in the Browse interface for additional options.

Creating New Assets

There are two ways to create new assets for Cloud Party. Some assets, such as meshes, textures and sounds are created on your own and then uploaded to Cloud Party. Other assets, such as materials, costumes and particles you create within the Cloud Party editor.

To upload assets to Cloud Party, click the Upload button in the Library page. This will bring up the Upload manager. You can click the '+' button to add files to upload, or you can drag and drop files from your computer's file browser.

To create assets directly on Cloud Party, click the Create button in the Library page and select the type of asset you wish to create.

To create a new Prefab, find the mesh you wish to use as the basis for the Prefab, <Right-Click> it, and select 'Create Prefab...', or find an existing Prefab, place it in the world, edit it, and then save it to your library as a new Prefab.

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