What browsers are compatible with Cloud Party?

Chrome / Chromium
This is our recommended browser, as it has a very fast javascript engine and other features we take advantage of. In general you want to be using the latest version available (Chrome auto-updates).

Some video cards are blacklisted for WebGL, meaning with Chrome you will get a message on Cloud Party saying that WebGL is not supported. Usually this is done for some rare incompatibility situation, but sometimes it is done for very good reason. You can override this black list by browsing to chrome://flags in a new window, and then enabling the "Override software rendering list" flag. This will force Chrome to try and use WebGL, but may cause browser or computer instability, so do this at your own risk!

Firefox should work as well, but some features may not be compatible.
Shadows and other graphics features like Ambient Occlusion work on Firefox if you are on a Mac and running Mavericks (OS 10.9)

You can enable WebGL in Safari by following these steps:
In Safari, open the Safari menu and select "Preferences".
Click the "Advanced" tab in the "Preferences" Window.
Open the "Develop" menu in the menu bar and select "Enable WebGL"
Refresh the page
Incompatible features:
Some audio does not work in Safari

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